Friday, 29 October 2010

Mi Hermana Y la Serpiente

This is an A Level project that I did as a 'final piece', its based on underground Mexican gang crime belive it or not... in a very roundabout kind of way.
La Cuidid Dormida
A throbbing heat haze
Bleached rooftops
Fly on bone
Leaden air

The concrete jungle desiccates into scrub land
Wilting branches weigh on the ground
Browning foliage crisps in canopies
Two sisters
Myra paints her nails
Brow furrowed
Taya turns the pages of a scruffy text book
Neither speaks

Myra looks up
"Theres a man over there"

A wiry frame
Parched skin
A grin
Tattoos spiral the contours of his skull
The word MERO tattood on his back

Eye to eye
Myra stares
He returns with a smirk
A challenge

In a burred Mexican accent
"Are you here to watch the eclipse?"
Blank stares
"they're celebrating in the streets you know.
Don't you like the party?"
Myra, an eyebrow raised
"It doesn't start for another six hours"
"Maybe not in La Ciudid,
but I know a place where the party started hours ago."
A glance at a watch.
"Just enough time to be fashionably late.""

Lungs heaving
Blistered feet
Light seeps through the trees
Staining the forrest in liquid bronze
The girls are struggling
Mero skims the treacherous floor faultlessly
An elegant leap from rock to rock
"We can't keep up!"

Mero slows
"Do you know the reason behind the eclipse?"
Taya shuffles her feet
"In Tahiti they think its because the
sun and the moon are making love."
The girls snigger
"Ahh, but have you not heard of the Serpent Deity?"
looks of bemusement
"Ophion? La Serpiente Oscura?
How can you not know of him?
he lives here, here in this very city."

The girls stare wide eyed
"He poisons the children of the city, turns them loco"
His eyes roll
Myra tuts
"So he's a big snake then?"
"No, a man, big... strong"
Motioning with his arms his colossal size
"At the full eclipse his skin is shed and he becomes his real serpent self"

"Who goes there?"
A yellow eye in the door
"Mero, you old fool"
The door swings on its hinges
They descend into darkness

The walls crumble under fingertips
The air is thick
Oily water splashes bare legs
Drowned in darkness
Mero urges them forwards
The walls get ever tighter

A glowing ember
Burns brighter
Then dims
A strike
A flare
The room is lit
A blue haze
A dark corner

A waxy face
Slug lips part
"the eclipse"
Fingernails dig deep into sweaty skin
Split at the seams
A severed hand
Black scales
Black blood
A cracking skull
The Light Gutters

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  1. wow, you're drawing are very impressive. I don't know if you remember me from Scratch :-) I am also from Mexico so I'm really curious on your art/story from Mexico. Tell me more! :-)