Wednesday, 7 November 2012


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Jamie Thomson's book Dark Lord The Teenage Years just won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize!! and it just so happens that I did the drawings inside! Hooorayyy! I really should have mentioned something earlier on here about doing this book, I really don't know why I haven't because its my first ever published work and the book is AMAZING!, the story I mean... not my drawings. Everyone should read it, its about this crazy dark lord dude who has an evil spell cast upon him and ends up in the flimsy body of a human earth child, he's pretty pissed off about the whole situation and... well I won't give the whole plot away, look here for a better summary: Working with Jamie is ace, all of his emails are written in character which is highly entertaining... Im pretty sure he is actually a dark lord in real life. He deffinately deserves every bit of this award and I'm so so happy the book won seeing as we were up against David Walliams, Tony Ross and other famous names. Haha we beat them all!!

 These are a few drawings from the first and second book (yeah you heard me, read that one too!) I didn't do the front cover of the book, just the interior illustrations (just to get that cleared up, i think everyone assumes the cover is mine aswell) you'l have to buy the books to see the rest of the drawings though, so go to Waterstones and do that immediately! you will love it!

Have a nice day gremlins!

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  1. Brilliant Freya, the journey begins with success, keep it a coming. Huge love from the wivey fan base .. Xx