Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Floating Pile of Books


Legends tell of, or so it is said.
that there was an old man who read and read.
He learnt all he could and imagined so hard
reading things off paper, laminate and card.
His home was the library where he took and loaned
so much that the librarians started to groan.
He never gave back the books he widthdrew
so the librarians thought of something to do

They banished the old man in a boat made of wood
they knew it was mean, but they knew that they should
He took all the books that he ever read
and sailed off into the sunset with no regrets
he sailed for days and months and weeks
the wood got mouldy and soon there were leaks
the boat was slowly getting wetter and low
how he'd fix the problem he did not know
Then he remembered a passage from a book he had read
about islands and geography, it was all in his head

he made an island out of all his books
no one knows how long it took
and now he just sits there and continues to read
with the sounds of the seagulls, the wind and the sea.

Written by Sam 

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